Linda Perry

Alder Family Photos

Photo taken July 1896. Back row: Albert Fisk Garlinghouse, Walter Sheldon Garlinghouse Jr., Gilbert Pegler (brother of Lucy Pegler Alder, visiting from England), Henry Alder (husband of Lucy Pegler Alder), Arthur Alder (husband of Ada Emilia Hitchcock).
Middle row: Lavinia Alder Miller, Amy Alder Becker holding her son Louis, Ann Lusty Alder, Gideon (son of Henry and Lucy), Lucy Pregler Alder holding daughter Isalene, Ada Hitchcock Alder holding her son Lewis, Lena Alder Cowles holding Harriett, Sam Alder, Edith Alder Gray (daughter of Emily Alder Ortel who is not present). Front row: Burt Miller (son of Lavinia and William Miller), Arthur Garlinghouse (son of Walter and Julia Garlinghouse), Anne Cowles (daughter of Lena Alder Cowles and William Cowles), Clara Garlinghouse, Lily Garlinghouse, Hilda Ortel (daughter of Emily Alder Ortel, eventually married Chris Well), Edith Cowles (daughter of Lena and William Cowles), Charles Cowles, Willie Alder (son of Ada Hitchcock and Arther Alder), Charlie Alder (son of Ada and Arther).

1996 Birthday party for Ann Alder Rogers Harrison. On the far left, holding a glass is Ralph Rogers. Ann is in the front row, wearing a blue pant suit with a large white collar. Bruce Billingsley is kneeling in the front row (light blue shirt). His wife Artel is standing on the far right, in the flowery blouse.

Alder Ladies, left to right: Charlotte ("Lattie") Steiner Alder (wife of Thadeus Nathaniel Alder), Julia ("Judy") Jennings, Ann Harrison, May, and Margaret.

Alder Men, left to right: Bruce Billingsley, Sam Alder, Robert Harrison, T. Nat Alder, Charles Jennings.

Thadeus Nathaniel Alder

Somewhere in this group is Margaret Billingsley and Scott Rogers.

Mattie Maltzberger Jones (Mother of Irene Jones Wulfjen)

Mattie Maltzberger Jones and Irene Jones Wulfjen

Virginia Jones Wulfjen, Ann Alder, Virginia's Mother (Mattie Maltzberger Jones)

Ann Alder Rogers Harrison

William C Rogers and Ann Alder Rogers

Uncle Herman, and Ann Harrison

Robert Lord Harrison and wife Ann Alder Rogers Harrison. Uvalde, Texas, August 1940.

Left to right: Nat Alder, May Alder, Ann Rogers holding dog Blanco, Charles Jennings, Sam Alder, and James Edward Billingsley.

Ann Harrison and May Jones Alder

Mary Alder

Mary Alder

Left to right: Bruce Billingsley, Barbara Billingsley, Mary Alder

Circa 1933, Billingsley, Alder and Rogers families. Left to right. Back row: Floyd Billingsley, T. Nat Alder, Samuel Alder Jr., William C Rogers. Middle row: Margaret Alder Billingsley, Sam Alder, Maggie May Alder, Julia Alder, Ann Alder Rogers. Front row: Joan Billingsley, Bruce Billingsley, Ralph Rogers (born April 1932), Scott Rogers. Ann ALder married W.C. Rogers on February 25, 1925, and they were divorced October 11, 1933. Ann Rogers married Robert Harrison on July 6, 1940.

Ann Rogers and Scott Alder Rogers (originally named William C Rogers Jr, but always called Scott and name officially changed when in WWII)

Ann Alder Rogers, William C Rogers, and Scott Rogers. Circa 1930.

Left to right: Scott Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Judy Alder Jennings (back), Ann Alder Rogers, Maggie May Alder holding Marshall Jennings.

Left to right: Julia "Judy" Jennings, May Alder, baby Marshall Jennings, Charles Jennings.

March 1938. Front porch of 621 Burleson St. Left to right: Barbara Billingsley, Scott Rogers, Ralph Rogers, Joan Billingsley holding baby.

Maggie May Alder.

May Alder and Hilda Alder

Sam Alder.

Sam and May Alder.

May Alder, Christmas 1947

Sam Alder, Christmas 1947

Virginia Bauss and her family.

Joe Lopers took all on the canal after a Mexican dinner. Circa 1984. River Walk Tour. Back to front, left to right. Bill Rogers, Margo Miller, Robert Rogers;
Nat Alder Jr., Charles Jennings, Margo Miller (Joan's sister);
Lattie Alder (T Nat's wife), Carol Ann Alder (Nat Jr's wife), Joan Loper, Joe Loper;
T. Nat Alder, Judy Jennings, Margaret Alder, Janice Rogers.

Julia "Judy" Jennings.