Linda Perry

Chalfant / Chalfont Family Photos

The following pictures are the four sides of the same square tombstone. Thomas and Molly Chalfant on the back, Nathan and his siblings on the front, and Amanda on one side with Sarah on the final side. The tombstone is located in a Cemetary on Highway 421 (New Hope Road), Trimble County, Kentucky.
Tombstone that says "Nathan Chalfant 1785-1869
Abner Chalfant 1800-1837
John G. Chalfant 1802-1885
Nancy Chalfant King 1805-1887"

Tombstone that says "Amanda Chalfant 1810-1828"

Top of tombstone that says "Thomas Chalfant Molly Gray
Married May 20, 1790". The lower part of the tombstone is the next image below.

Continuation of tombstone above. Says "Thomas Chalfant 1759-1853
Molly Chalfant 1772-1863"

Tombstone says "Sarah Woodward 1826 - 1861"

Lady Louisiana Prestine Chalfant, 1932.

Newspaper photo of China Grove Plantation, in Louisiana. Caption says, "This fine plantation, of 365 acres, practically all under cultivation, together with a store, two cottages, and an up-to-date 25-bale cotton gin, erected at a cost of $4800, is one of the few well-equipped plantations now for sale in the parish.