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Jones Family Photos

Jane Mariah Coker Jones (4/5/1825 - 4/15/1896), youngest son Charles Edward Jones (born 1869), and Amos Dickens Jones (1/1/1827 - 12/26/1906). Amos and Jane are the grandparents of my father, Henry Alexander Jones.

Amos Dickens Jones family. This land was granted to the Coker family in compensation for Jane Coker's uncle fighting in the battle at San Jacinto. Left to right: Someone (farm hand). Charles Edward (Ed) Jones on the plow. Ed's wife Belle Capps Jones with their children Eldred and Marie Jones. Amos Dickens Jones (Ed's father).

Charles Edward (Ed) Jones, June 16, 1891. Inscription on back of original photo says "To Belle from her true lover".

Charles Edward (Ed) Jones.

Belle Capps Jones, wife of Charles Edward (Ed) Jones.

Amos Dickens Jones with wife Jane Mariah Coker Jones.

Starfish fossil in block of stone excavated from the Jones quarry. The other half is supposed to be in the Smithsonian. Stone is engraved with "A.D. Jones 1866", which stands for Amos Dickens Jones.

Bernice (Bea) Nagel holding the starfish fossil.

Back row, left to right: Amos Henry Jones, James Seaborn Jones, John Jones, Lee Bee Jones
Front row, left to right: Amos Dickens Jones, Marion Taylor Jones, Charles (Chas) Edward Jones.

Lee B. Jones, 14 July 1863 - 22 November 1926.

Amos Henry Jones and wife Lillie Isom Jones. Amos is the son of Taylor Jones, who is the son of Amos Dickens Jones.

Children of Lee Jones, thus grandchildren of Amos Dickens Jones: Gerald, Vivian and Beatrice. San Antonio, Texas.

Back row, left to right: James Lee Jones (29 September 1913 - 19 March 1973), Vivian Royce Jones (born 16 September 1917), Garland Maurice Jones (born 22 June 1919). Front row, left to right: Vivian Lee Jones (5 February 1889 - 3 November 1972), Bertha Jane Coker Jones (19 July 1890 - 3 October 1982), Reginald Capps Jones (born 16 April 1921)

1891. Charles Edward Jones, Olive Sinn, Miss Jeffries, and Matilda Capps. San Antonio, Texas.

Frank Jones, son of Wesley, brother of Amos Dickens Jones.

Headstone of Amos Dickens Jones (Jan 1, 1827 to Dec 26, 1906; "At Rest") in the Coker cemetary in San Antonio, Texas.

Headstone of Jane Maria Coker Jones (daughter of Joseph Coker) Apri 5, 1825 to April 15, 1896; "At Rest", in the Coker cemetary in San Antonio, Texas.

Martha Jones (daughter of Amos Dickens Jones and Jane Maria Coker Jones), who married Will Shannon.

James Seaborn Jones family (partial), left to right: Mary, Seaborn, Adelia (back), Ed (front), Rebecca (Fanny) Kesterson Jones holding Grover, Belle (back). Alternate labeling of photo, left to right: Belle, James Seaborn, Mary (back), Grover (front), wife Rebecca Kesterson Jones holding Stella, Cordelia in back.

James Seaborn Jones family (partial), left to right: Grover, mother Rebecca (Fanny) Kesterson Jones holding Alden, Stella (back row), Charles, father James Seaborn holding Amos Solomon "Sol".

Amos Solomon Jones (1897-1982) was born at the Jones homestead on Salado Creek in San Antonio, Texas.

Muriel Ketchum Jones, wife of Amos Solomon Jones. The Ketchum family was from San Saba, Texas.

Amos Solomon "Sol" Jones in later years in Navasota, Texas. During his life, he served in World War 1, was active in politics, Masons, his Baptist Church, and Veteran's organizations.

Florence Jane Davison Jones, born 10 June 1868 in Poona, India, died 4 October 1937. Married Lee B. Jones.

General George Davison, 20 July 1826 - 18 October 1907. Father of Florence Jane Davison (above).

Maria Knot Davison, 24 February 1848 - 13 February 1908. Mother of Florence Jane Davison (above).

Law men, left to right: James Van Riper, Griff Jones (no relation), Captain Cardenas.

Albert Van Riper, son of Kate (Jones) and James Van Riper.

Charles (Charlie) Van Riper, son of Kate (Jones) and James Van Riper. Father of Gary, Owen, and James Van Riper. Brother of Thelma, Catherine and Mrs Fistir, and Albert.

Albert Van Riper and Charles Van Riper.

Harriet Jones Van Riper (wife of William H. Van Riper). Children probably are James T. and Clara. About 1870.

Left to right: Joe, Henry and George Jones.

Photo taken at home of Maggie Neils. Left to right: Marie Jones, Bertha Coker, Olive Coker, Belle Jones, Maggie Neill, someone Neill, "California" Ed Jones, someone Carver. Children: someone, Alden Neill, Belle Pipes.

Marie Jones.

Marie Jones Carver.

Ernest Neill.

Aunt Kate, Lee Jones, Ed Jones, and Seaborn Jones.

Group includes Seaborn Jones (sitting on the far right, in white hat, with legs crossed).

San Antonio, Texas, road signs showing road named after my anscestors Jones and Maltsberger. Road highlighted in green on Google map.

San Antonio, Texas, road sign showing intersection of Coker Loop Rd and Jones-Maltsberger Rd, both named after my ancestors. Here's a Google street view of Jones Maltsberger Rd:
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September 1929. (Left) Ed Jones, (Right) "California" Ed Jones (son of James Seaborn Jones), (Middle) Ed Jones (son of California Ed Jones).

Edmond Monroe Jones (son of John Monroe Jones and Mary Jones), born 1871, died before 1923.

Edward Monroe Jones with wife Mae Jones. They did not have any children.

George Amos Jones (1892-1917, sone of John Monroe and Mary Jones), with wife Maude Ferguson.

Roxana Jane Jones Harrell, Chapley Harrell, and their children: Virgil, Eileen, Hazel. Christmas 1910, San Antonio, Texas.

Four generations, at Tarpley, Texas. George Washington Maltsberger, his daughter Mary Ann Maltsberger Jones, her daughter Edith Jones Harrell, and Edith's children Herman and Virginia Harrell.

Margaret Alder Billingsley (age 17) and Edith Jones Harrell.

Virginia (Jennie) Jones Nicholson (daughter of Amos Dickens Jones).

Virginia (Jennie) Jones Nicholson.

Children of Virginia Jones Nicholson: Hattie, Dora, Eva, and George.

(left) Lorene Carver Kinney (age 6), and Virginia (Jennie) Jones Nicholson (age 60).

Ed Jones (youngest son of Amos Dickens Jones) marries Belle Capps Jones, 1895.

Ed Jones and Belle Capps Jones, circa 1900.

Leonard and Caroline Coker, Ed and Belgora "Belle" Capps Jones, Will and Fanny Coker Russell, and Pinkney and Mattie Isom.

July 1968 at Coker Cemetary, San Antonio, Texas. Cousins: Anthony "Bryan" Battaglia, Edward M Jones, Vivian Jones, Beatrice Jones Harper, Arthur Harper, Stella Jones Pendleton, Bertha Coker Jones, Belle Capps Jones.

Eldred and Marie Jones, children of Ed and Belle Capps Jones.

Eldred Calvin Jones (son of Charles Edward Jones) at Texas A&M College.

(On left) Lucile Jones (daughter of Eldred & Frances Jones), friends Hazel Wattlin and Virginia Wattlin, Bernice Jones, (on right) Mary Frances Jones (daughters of Eldred Jones).

Sam Alder Jr., with mother Maggie May Jones Alder (daughter of John Monroe Jones and Mary Jones, 1879-1948), and Sam's sister Margaret Alder.

Left to right: Hazel Langford, Artel Billingsley and husband Bruce Billingsley, and Margaret Alder Billingsley.

Ethel Coates. She remembered Henry Alexander Jones. Amos Dickens Jones made her a basket from a peach pit.

Mamie Worthy and May Jones Alder (16 years old).

May Jones Alder.

May and Sam Alder, January 1947. She is 67, he is 71.

Sam and May Alder, 1948.

Alder home on Sequin St. Sam Alder and May Jones Alder lived here. Previously, John Monroe Jones and Mary Ann Jones lived here and took in boarders from the railroad yard across the street.

Henry Alexander Jones, age 19. The year is 1893. Born 3/28/1874, Died 5/14/1951.

Wedding photo (June 9, 1897) of Emma Ernestine Elizabeth Prange and Henry Alexander Jones (son of John Monroe Jones and Mary Jones). San Antonio, Texas.

Emmett Jones (born 1900), son of Emma Prange Jones and Henry Alexander Jones.

Alice Jones (born 1906), daughter of Emma Prange Jones and Henry Alexander Jones.

Alice Jones and Emmett Jones.

Emmett Jones and Alice Jones.

Helen Jones (1909-1986), daughter of Emma Prange Jones and Henry Alexander Jones.

Helen Jones.

Helen Jones.

Helen Jones, 1968.

Helen Jones with Jennifer Obermeier. April 13, 1969.

Alice Jones. Inscription reads, "Just to remember Alice". Taken in Weimar, Texas.

Joseph Jones, George Jones, and Henry Alexander Jones. Sons of John Monroe Jones and Mary Jones.

Left to right: Henry Alexander Jones, Herman Jones, Joseph Jones. Sons of John Monroe Jones and Mary Jones.

Herman Jones and Henry Alexander Jones.

Joseph Jones with wife Vina Jones.

50th Wedding Anniversary of Joseph and Vina Jones. Left to right: Joseph Jr., Joseph Sr., Vina, Bill, Cliff. Cake says, "Happy 50th Anniversary Vi & Joe, 1916-1966"

Henry Alexander Jones, when his daughter (from a previous marriage) Alice died (about 1920).

Henry Alexander Jones, Death Valley, California.

Henry Alexander Jones.

Henry Alexander Jones.

Wagons that say "The original 20 mule team wagon used for hauling borax out of Death Valley for the Pacific Coast Borax Company."

Borax Mine ??

Death Valley, California, National Park Service Employees. Henry Alexander Jones is in the back row, fourth from the right, in white shirt and pants.

Death Valley National Park Service Employees, at headquarters building. "First Season - 1933 to 1934"

Henry Alexander Jones.

Henry Alexander Jones, Linda's father. Linda is in the back, and Marilynn is in the front of the saddle.

Linda Jones, July 12, 1942. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Descanso, California.

Linda Jones. 1944.

Linda Jones, 1944.

Agnes Mae Reavis Jones, with daughters Marilynn (on lap) and Linda, at 950 Granville St, West Los Angeles. Dad made the rocking horse. The horse head was carved beautifully. It was stolen out of our yard with other toys he made. I still have a small doll table and bench, wooden scooter, iron, telephone, and doll bed he made for us.

Marilynn Jones McGrew (about 6 months old), Linda's younger sister. 1944.

Henry Alexander Jones with daughters Linda and Marilynn. About 1946.

Linda Jones, Marilynn Jones. 1945.

Henry Alexander Jones, pulling Marilynn and Linda in wagons in front of the Armstrong Nursery at the end of the block of Ohio St, just around the corner from us on Granville St.

Linda Jones. 1945.

Henry Alexander Jones with daughters Linda and Marilynn. Christmas, 1950.

Henry Alexander Jones (dad), Agnes Mae Reavis Jones (mom), and Marilynn Jones at 1444 Granville Ave. About 1951.

January 1951 Wedding of Linda's older half-sister, Audrey Baker, to Jim Thompson. (Left to right) Henry Alexander Jones, Agnes Mae Reavis Jones, Mary Ellen Reavis, Ed Zeriot, Jim's mother Mrs. Thompson, Marilynn Jones, Linda Jones, Jim Thompson, Audrey Thompson.

Wedding of Linda's older half-sister, Audrey Baker, to Jim Thompson.

Wedding of Linda's older half-sister, Audrey Baker, to Jim Thompson.

Henry Alexander Jones. 1874-1951.

Emmett Jones holding a trophy.

Left to right: Friend, Emmett Jones, Friend. Displaying the ducks and geese they shot. Emmet (1900 - 1953) was the son of Henry Alexander Jones and Emma Prange Jones.

Emmett Jones with ducks and geese.

Emmett Jones with ducks and geese.

Car displaying geese and ducks.

Emmett E. Jones showing the salmon he caught.

Emmett Jones and his wife Hildur Marie Ericksen Jones (Hildur was born Oct 28, 1898, in Norway - died Dec 26, 1991, in Alameda California).

Emmett E. Jones with his marksmanship trophies. Plaque in front, on the ground, reads "77 St. Division Police Pistol Team
Capt. Hutchins
J.C. Suspoat
E.E. Jones
G.A. Slavens
J.C. Todd
C.H. Valentine"

Left to right: Herman, Joseph and Henry Alexander Jones. Displaying marksmanship trophies of Henry's son Emmett E. Jones.

Back row, left to right: Henry Alexander Jones (Emmett's father), Joseph (Henry's brother), Hildur (Emmett's wife), Etta (Herman's wife), Vina (Joseph's wife), Herman (Henry's brother). Joe's three sons are in front: Bill, Cliff and Joe Jr, plus Emmett's son Harold.

Emmett Jones won many marksmanship trophies.
In 1937, while serving on the Los Angeles police force, he had a score of 277 to win the General Custer Trophy for First Place Individual in the National Individual Pistol Match. The trophy in this image is a bronze statuette depicting General George Armstrong Custer (1828-1876) firing a pistol.

American Handgunner had a photo of Emmett Jones in their Sept/Oct 1981 issue where they mention the L.A. pistol team was a force to be reckoned with. Left to right: "Fuzzy" Farrant, Basil Starkey, Emmett Jones, and Walter Stark.

In 1939, Emmett E. Jones set a new record score of 858 (out of 900) to win the National Pistol Championship. In a newspaper article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 9, 1940, page 21, titled "Military Events Feature Second Week's Shoot at Camp Perry" by John G. Mock: "The National Pistol Championship is based on performance with three different types of handguns, using each in slow, timed and rapid fire. The total scores in the three separate events make up the aggregate. The possible score is 900 and events include the NRA .22 Caliber Pistol Championship; Clarke Memorial .38 Caliber Championship and the Orton Memorial .45 Caliber Championship. Last year's winner was Emmett Jones, a member of the Los Angeles Police Force. His score was 858, which set a new record."

Emmett Jones in New Guinea at a "Native Jail" during World War 2.

Emmett Jones (left, in his World War 2 uniform) with his uncle Joseph Jones.

In August 1947, Emmett Jones had a score of 1736 (out of 1800) part way through the National Men's Pistol Champtionship at Camp Perry, Ohio. (Reading Eagle newspaper, Reading, PA).

July 5, 1948, saw the suicide death of actress Carole Landis. L.A. Police Detective Emmett Jones was part of the investigation. These photos from the Los Angeles Times show Emmett.
Caption says, "Death scene - Captain Emmett E. Jones, West Los Angeles detective, kneels beside body of Carole Landis as official investigation of actress' death gets under way." - Los Angeles Times.
Another version of this photo, Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS:

Linda Jones. 1951. Taken by Irene Kuhl, a neighbor.

Linda Jones. 1951. Taken by Irene Kuhl, a neighbor.

Linda Jones. 1951. Taken by Irene Kuhl, a neighbor. Irene's cadilac.

Linda Jones. Taken by Irene Kuhl, a neighbor. Irene's cadilac.

Linda Jones. Taken by Irene Kuhl, a neighbor. Irene's cadilac.

Linda Jones, Marilynn Jones. December 1, 1953.

Marilynn Jones, Santa, Linda Jones. About 1953.

About 1954. Agnes Mae Reavis Jones and Linda (in back) with neighborhood kids, at Malibu Pier. The kids are from around the world! Front row, left to right: Hilary (born in England), Barbara and Erica Mauz (parents from Austria), Dick Hosakawa (father from Japan), my sister Marilyn. Marilynn and I are 13th generation Americans.

William Graham (my step-father), Agnes Mae Reavis Jones Graham, Linda Jones, Marilynn Jones. Just after William married my mother. I'm about 14, so this is about 1956.

Marilynn Jones at the swimming pool on Stoner Ave.

Linda Jones, Marilynn Jones. 1960.

Linda Jones, Marilynn Jones. 1960.

Morgan McGrew (Marilyn's son, back left) and his friends. About 1988.