Linda Perry

Maltzberger/Maltsberger Family Photos

This is said to be Michael Maltsberger, 1797. Michael McCallum of El Dorado, Kansas, live with his grandmother, Susannah Maltsberger McCallum, and says she had this picture and told him it was Michael, her brother.

Mary Catherine Jones (8 October 1848 - 17 November 1931), wife of Jonathon Milton Blair Maltsberger (24 July 1848 - 27 September 1907)(son of Michael Maltsberger and second wife Sara Jane Newman). San Antonio, Texas.

Phillip Maltsberger (2 April 1828, Tennessee - 1905 Pawnee Oklahoma). Son of Michael Maltsberger and first wife Nancy Newman. Photo taken in San Antonio, Texas.

Alexander Maltsberger (born 25 March 1832 in Tennessee, died 16 August 1916 in Bandera Texas). Fifth child of Michael Maltsberger and first wife Nancy Newman.

Mary Frances Fulton Maltsberger, wife of Alexander Maltsberger. Born 7 January 1843 in Missouri, died 15 February 1895 in San Antonio, Texas.

Tombstone of Roxana Jane Allen Maltsberger, first wife of George Washington Maltsberger. 28 January 1838 - 23 March 1888.

Before becoming a store, this was the home of George Washington Maltsberger.

George Washington Maltsberger and second wife Minnie Clark Maltsberger.

Four generations, at Tarpley, Texas. George Washington Maltsberger, his daughter Mary Ann Maltsberger Jones, her daughter Edith Jones Harrell, and Edith's children Herman and Virginia Harrell.